Deliver on KPIs with accountable routine management
Stress less with focused business routines
Efficiency. Employee satisfaction.
Unlock the power of routine.
Limit risk exposure by enforcing compliance with routines

In Your Hands

 Harness automated business routine scheduling to drive your business forward. Act On isn’t just an app, it’s a tool for greater efficiency and risk reduction.

Tasks ≠ Routines

 We’ve all used task managers to make lists and work through them, but these rarely do more than just make sure the gears are turning. With effective routine management, there is far greater potential for business growth as it reduces staff stress, drives efficiency and ensures compliance.


Everything you need to avoid costly surprises.


Be alerted on timesensitive routines so you never miss a deadline again.


Team management made simple, with managerial roles able to check in on progress.


Track your progress towards KPIs with Act On’s data visualisation dashboard.

Our brains are wired for routines

Scientific evidence points towards our brains functioning more efficiently when we have routines in place. Consider office routines, such as remembering when to review your mobile subscription and when to have the office air conditioners serviced. There are dozens of decisions that businesses and staff would have had to make to ensure routines are effectively managed. With Act On, they can manage all routines effectively without having to rely on their memories.

Act On removes the worry associated with having to remember critical operational routines, because forgetting has financial implications. In doing this, businesses free up time and brain power for staff, who can get involved with more productive and value-adding business activities.

Routines in the workplace

 The real power of routine comes into play when we leverage them at work. Here are the key areas where Act On helps:

There are many scenarios which rely on employees to retain and recall certain information, and this all takes its toll. By moving this information out of our heads and into a centralised platform, it removes the need for this to be remembered. This would feel like a weight off your staff’s  shoulders and allow them to perform their functions better with lower levels of stress.

Departments rely on each other, yet interdepartmental communication is still a challenge disrupting business objectives. Housing all routines to be done, and who is responsible for them, on a central platform drives accountability and eliminates the risk of mandatory routines being forgotten which can have significant financial implications.

Missing deadlines can be costly regardless of the industry you work in. Leveraging effective routine management means timeously handling these routines, which reduces business risk and ensures compliance.

Act On in action

 Joel is responsible for licensing the business vehicles. He’s nervous since they are all spread across the year and missing the renewals will result in a financial loss for the business.

Joel loads each license onto Act On, which will remind him in time to get each license renewed.

With that weight off his mind, Joel can focus on activities that add value – without worrying about when the next license is due for renewal.

 Sam is a property manager heading up a portfolio of commercial properties.

She needs to conduct site visits to capture routines like health and safety reviews, risk assessments or contractor site meetings.

Sam can rely on Act On to help her and her team keep track of everything, securely and online.

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